City Will Consider Action in Cell 911 Debate, Purchase of Boxhorn Launch

The Common Council will have a variety of items on its plate Tuesday night, as it looks at boat launch purchase, construction agreements, and a decision on 7th District aldermanic candidates

The Muskego Common Council will have a variety of issues to consider when it meets Tuesday at 7 p.m. at :

  • An offer to purchase Boxhorn Launch for $189,500. the council had made it possible to on Big Muskego Lake, which is located at the Boxhorn Gun Club. The city leases the site, and as improvements need to be made to the access, its current agreement with the landowner would not qualify the site for future grants to make improvements. Purchasing the launch would allow the city to apply for DNR Waterways money to fund as much as 50 percent toward the needed fixes.
  • A decision regarding "potential litigation against necessary parties" in the may be made, depending on what is determined in closed session. This has been a contentious issue between Muskego and Waukesha County, and the city had filed a complaint with the FCC in order to gain access to the cell towers so wireless 911 calls made within the city could be routed directly to the Muskego Police Department. The county has refused to relinquish the access to cellular "routes," and residents who call 911 from their cell phones in the city are routed to the county's communications center first before being forwarded to the . Police officials have calculated that as much as 72 seconds is lost in emergencies under this system, and have called county officials "obstructionists" for preventing the access.
  • Agreements between the are up for approval, and will determine the placement of the ski jump on Little Muskego Lake, schedules and placement of the pier at Idle Isle
  • As because of a potential conflict of interest regarding the lake park development, an appointment of a citizen member to the Parks and Recreation Board will be made

Looming road projects have also required the city to make the following moves:

  • Pioneer Drive Construction - the city is looking to purchase a small section of land to repair a failing sidewalk. The 877 square feet of land is next to a creek crossing, which also gives the city right of way near the creek. The city is also likely to approve the road project's designer, R.A. Smith National, to assign an inspector as well.
  • Tess Corners Drive Construction - similar to Pioneer Drive, city planners are hoping to "lock in" the inspection team with Foth Infrastructure as the construction season nears. Foth also handled the Durham Drive project.
  • Nearly a dozen homeowners will see repairs that will prevent or reduce sewer backups at no cost if the city approves a funding agreement between the city and Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District for its Private Property Infiltration and Inflow Reduction Program. The agreement must be in place before MMSD will cover the costs for repairs to sewer laterals and installation of trench dams to alleviate the backups.
  • The city will be in closed session on a number of issues, not the least of which is the ongoing The city said recent mediation failed with Art Dyer, who owns the nearly 11 acre parcel at the center of downtown. The purpose of the meeting will be to confer with legal counsel on future options.


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