Council Approves Wayfinding Signs, Marketing Plan

A small change to arrows was enough to win the council members over, but some are still irritated over what the marketing plan has to say.

The city will be dotted with blue directional, or wayfinding, signs to make it easier to find destinations like parks, schools, and the library. The Committee of the Whole met Tuesday and took little time in approving a slight change to the arrows, which some said looked easier to read.

and will include larger signs with multiple destinations, and smaller signs that will provide additional direction to a final destination. They will be posted on lightpoles through the downtown area, and stand-alone posts as they get closer to the destination.

The council members also approved , which was compiled by outside firm Verbicher/Voltedge. Despite a 7-0 vote in favor, Alderman Rob Wolfe complained that a requested change to the firm's recommendations could not be made.

The change would have deleted the recommendation for a park that would tie the downtown area to the lake. Mayor Kathy Chiaverotti and Alderman Eileen Madden stressed as others had in the past that the marketing recommendations were not binding, and that they were the result of a study the city paid an outside firm to do.

"This is not the comprehensive plan - this is not binding. It's just their opinion, and we shouldn't change it," Chiaverotti said.

However Wolfe was clearly frustrated, saying "I came onto the council with the promise of change. I don't like being told I can't do something. What am I here for, then?"

Ultimately Wolfe voted along with the others on the common council to accept the study without any further changes.

Matt Johnson June 29, 2012 at 06:05 PM
Lets see...Hire an outside firm to come up with a marketing plan for our city. Don't like the part about having a lake park, so you want to delete that part of their plan because you have 50 or so lake people who are constantly in your ear about not touching THEIR lake. Maybe you should look at what this firm has said and see if some sort of an open space could work on OUR lake. Step up and provide some leadership for this city or we'll find someone who can. Mr. Wolfe, Muskego needs leadership not change. Stop playcating to the few in the crowd who moan and scream--there are many more who are not in the crowd or in your ear who demand leadership from the common council.
DK June 29, 2012 at 11:31 PM
Directional signs? What a waste of money at any cost! Most people have a GPS now.
Bryan K. June 30, 2012 at 04:45 AM
Too bad Muskego's addresses are so screwed up that many things do not show up properly on Google Maps or GPS's. This is why the signs are helpful, especially for people who come to our community to go boating on our lakes, visit the high school for a athletic or music event, or for other various reasons. In the marketing plan, they suggested that in the future we adopt an address system like New Berlin's or Franklin's. For example, MHS's current address is W183 S8750 Racine Avenue. If it switched to the "standard" way, it would become 8750 S. Racine Avenue. Pick 'n Save's address is currently S74 W17005 Janesville Road (a mouthful). It would become 17005 W. Janesville Road if switched. It would take a lot of work, but I believe that this switch should be made in the future.


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