Defining Distribution of Wealth: City Looks to Clarify Which Organizations It Will Fund

After a contentious debate over funding events like Jammin' on Janesville, and services like Muskego Senior Taxi, the city hopes to clear up what its role will be for future requests for help

After approving the budget, which included funding for Muskego Senior Taxi and Jammin' on Janesville, the Common Council hoped to avoid any future misunderstanding over what organizations and events they would consider funding.

Alderman Neil Borgman told the council, "We need to have a policy going forward to state if it's a civic organization, the city can get involved. I don't think we should be in the business of giving money to nonprofits, and it would serve as a guideline for future councils."

The discussion came up in earlier committee of the whole meetings when some aldermen expressed concern over supporting the Jammin' on Janesville festival for another year. It opened the door for discussion on what organizations the city has chosen to include in their budget, with some on the council worried that it created a 'slippery slope' for more organizations to come seeking aid.

Alderman Rob Glazier expressed some doubt with a new policy, saying "I think it's difficult to draft a policy on funding based on hypotheticals."

Jeff Muenkel, Community Development Director, suggested to the council that there may be similar policies with other cities to review, which Mayor Kathy Chiaverotti said could come from the League of Municipalities.


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