Dyer Offers Timeline of Events Pertaining to Parkland Mall

In chronology, developer offers the reader a history spanning nearly two decades and discusses his thoughts on the American Dream.

Recently, the attorney for Parkland Mall developer Art Dyer, Mark Leitner, took time to offer . During that interview, Leitner described the issues surrounding Parkland Mall as a “pretty complicated and tortured history going back a long, long, long way.”

For that interview, the city’s attorney, Remzy Bitar, declined to comment, citing ongoing litigation. 

Additional information through a chronology has been presented in Dyer's lawsuit, and made available to Patch. The length of the document (the public portion) reveals that no matter how this case turns out, the history surrounding Parkland Mall does in fact goes back almost longer than the mall was open. The document Dyer put together for the court offers an extensive and detailed timeline of events going back roughly two decades.

In the 111-page chronology, Dyer takes the reader all the way back to the early 1990s, before he came to purchase the property, and goes up to May of last year. It’s a journey that would come to span the course of four mayors, numerous Common Councils and other key decision makers, and a wealth of ideas and proposals for the property. It’s a story of TIF districts, developers, and Dyer's allegations of abuse of power by city government officials in perhaps the most deliberate, systematic fashion.

Dyer concludes in the last paragraph, "I believed in the American dream that if you work hard, you can provide basic needs for your family, their education and their future. In this case, crooks through their malfeasance and misconduct in public office had shattered that American dream and all for which it stands. Almost daily for 14 years is a very long time to fight corruption."  


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