Idle Isle May Get More Attention in 2013 Budget

The Parks Board tours Idle Isle Park, with possible additions for the Common Council to consider for the 2013 budget

has a lot on its shoulders, and some Common Council members feel it could use some help with the heavy lifting.

It functions as a prime access for boaters wishing to launch and park on Little Muskego lake, snowmobilers and ice fishermen in winter, green space for picnickers, and the only beach front for public swimming on the lake.

So, after , Alderman Neil Borgman felt the lake park was left out in comparison to its younger but bigger brother, Park Arthur. The only improvement originally requested for Idle Isle Park was replacing the ADA accessible pier at a cost of $63,000 versus more than $1 million in requests for Park Arthur in 2013.

Anderson arranged for the next board meeting to happen at Idle Isle so aldermen could walk through the park to identify areas that needed further attention.

Among the items the board identified were garbage bin screens, which were missing gates to completely conceal them. In addition, the board agreed that each should be repainted.

A long-standing but unsightly boat lift and crane was also a point of discussion. Lisa Niles, with the Little Muskego Lake Association (LMLA), said the group has been trying to determine who owns the metal structure near the boat launch. At one time the Muskego Yacht Club used the device, but had not used it in many years, and said they thought the department of public works used it to lift equipment out of the weed harvesters for repair. The LMLA has offered it to anyone for use as scrap metal, but has been told that the labor that would be required to remove it wouldn't be worth it.

The LMLA also has discussed future needs of expanding the beach, and installing boardwalks along portions of the shoreline. Some of the beautification projects have already been completed by the group, including and the at the launch. Next year, they hope to install a boat wash station as well. 

The council is still going through the budget process, and will review the additional items at their next budget meeting.

Ted Kulwicki September 11, 2012 at 06:39 PM
THANK YOU Mr. Anderson for bringing this up to the council. I think the additions mentioned would be welcomed. Don't forget basic maintenance... The back side of the island is horrible with several downed limbs, trees with dead limbs ready to fall, and also in need of rip-rap repair.
Sheepshead September 12, 2012 at 02:24 PM
I would like to see playground equipment upgraded or added. What is there now looks dated compared to other parks


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