Idle Isle Park to Receive Improvements

Little Muskego Lake Association makes proposals to beautify the park.

At last night’s meeting of the city’s Parks and Recreation Board, Renee Reckin and Lisa Niles, both of the Little Muskego Lake Association, appeared before the Board with a beautification plan for Idle Isle, which, according to them, is the lens through which some 80% of people see the lake.

Among other items and ideas, their plan calls for a combination of mulching, weed killing, planting a variety of low-maintenance plants, donation plaques, a rinse station for boats, and improving and simplifying existing city ordinance signage.

Reckin and Niles are seeking to engage as many volunteers and raise as much money in private donations as they can for this plan, and they stated their desire to work closely with the Parks and Rec. Department and other organizations in the community to help make this all possible.

Eventually, it was mentioned, this plan could form the basis for a longer-range five-year plan.

After discussion, the Board gave the go-ahead to Reckin and Niles to proceed with the landscaping segment of the plan, which calls for improvements by the boat launch and piers.

Lisa Niles June 15, 2011 at 12:31 PM
Interested in volunteering or joing the Little Muskego Lake Association on this project? Please contact us at: www.littlemuskegolake.org or email renee.lmla@hotmail.com or lisan.lmla@hotmail.com Thank you!
Dan B June 17, 2011 at 11:33 AM
Years ago when you could pull a boat up to the shoreline between the swim area and the fishing pier the Island was a very busy place. If this area would be pea gravel the park would come alive and support an outside vendor who could rent the pavilion and serve burgers and even posibly a Friday fish fry. Imagine being able to get a fish fry on the lake or a good burger. It's a shame that we have the nice facility but can't get to it. This weekend is lakefest if you live on the lake how do you get there by boat if the couple parking spots are taken?
Dan B June 17, 2011 at 11:39 AM
The city was willing to spend millions on a park off of Janesville Rd when they already have a nice park that just needs minor fixing. The parks dept had options a few years ago to make the shoreline usable but they chose rip rap (big rocks) instead of the pea gravel. The parks director was definetly not a lake person.


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