Inspector Asks Muskego to Reconsider Decision on Department Cuts

Inspector asks city to reconsider 'discarding training time and money' by retaining two inspector positions.

To the editor:

This is an email I sent to the Mayor, aldermen and Jeff Muenkel. I have been employed with the city for 13 years as the lead inspector, attached with this letter was a proposal for service, I did not include the proposal as I don’t need that out there yet but it was a very good proposal for the City of Muskego. I just thought I would keep you informed of the inner workings at this time


City of Muskego Aldermen,

Although I do not agree with some of the council’s decisions to outsource any department, through the discussions on the matter, I kept hearing several Aldermen commenting on how it will be tough to lose our current inspector’s talent, skills, and knowledge.  Over the years the City has spent a good deal of money providing training and licensing to our inspectors – to simply discard that training, time and money spent, would not be a benefit or good business decision.  The City of Muskego is a 3rd class City by population and continues to grow.  Codes and licensing become stricter in a 3rd Class City as population increases requiring continuous education to maintain current licenses.

As a result of the Council’s recent decision to outsource the Building Inspection department, I feel I have a solution to keep that same talent within the city.  I have presented my proposal to Mayor Chiaverottii and by copy of this e-mail am presenting it to the Council for review.  Keeping the professional building services, preventing the elimination of 2 positions and providing a seamless transition to both residents and contractors alike is what this proposal will offer.

I respectfully request your consideration of the attached proposal.


Mike Moore

Lead Building Inspector

City of Muskego

Dustin Block October 28, 2011 at 01:29 PM
Thanks for the letter
Heidi Lindhorst October 28, 2011 at 02:14 PM
Hi Mike: Can you tell me what the proposal says? It wasn't included in the body of the letter. Thanks.


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