Lake Park Committee Gets the Green Light; Land Purchase Will Wait

Officials hope delay of purchase of Little Muskego Lake property and creation of new committee will address public's need for costs on proposed park development

Extra time to consider citizens' input on what should go into a park on the lake: Check.

Exploration of costs based on that input: Check.

The ability for the Common Council to reverse should it decide buying the park land is not in the best interest of the city: Check.

Addressing the concerns of many residents regarding the city's proposed purchase of a 4.6-acre parcel on Little Muskego Lake, aldermen voted 5-2 Tuesday night to approve a resolution that puts the next step into the hands of the Parks and Recreation Board.

The resolution calls for the creation of a subcommittee of the parks board that will study the issue, gather cost estimates and public input, and come back to the Common Council with a recommendation on whether the city should move forward with the land acquisition.

Aldermen debated and ultimately rejected the broader resolution introduced by Alderman Kert Harenda, which basically asked for a review of all park projects and put the new committee in the hands of the Common Council — not the parks board. But most of the council agreed the control of the planning process should remain in the hands of the parks department.  

was called "flawed" by Alderman Noah Fiedler, who provided the most adamant opposition to anything outside of passage of an earlier resolution sponsored by Alderman Tracy Snead (not the mayor as previously reported). He said the language had already been reviewed and approved by the city attorney, and was more legally sound.

However, Alderman Neil Borgman that the language in Snead's resolution wouldn't allow any other conclusion but to stay the course for a park purchase. Alderman Dan Soltysiak agreed.

"This proposal doesn't analyze the park and how it fits with the larger park system. It justifies it," Soltysiak said.

Yet, Fiedler and others pointed out that Snead's resolution did give the council the ultimate ability to accept or deny the purchase after the information and costs are determined.  

What happens next?

  • The Parks and Recreation Board will meet April 9 to determine the makeup of the subcommittee.
  • In addition, the board will be charged with hiring a consultant to bring forward a park site plan alternatives, cost estimates for development, and cost estimates for future park maintenance.
  • Based on the input from the subcommittee and additional public hearings, the board would then provide a recommendation to the council.
  • The makeup of the committee would include a representative of Bay Breeze Condominium Association; Muskego Proud; Muskego for Ethical Government; Muskego Historical Society; Little Muskego Lake District or Little Muskego Lake Association; Muskego Chamber or a business representative; adjacent property owners; a citizen at large, and any other representatives the Park and Recreation Board may determine.
  • A recommendation will be due to the council by Sept. 25, and the council will have the opportunity to approve or deny moving forward with the land purchase.
Denise Konkol March 14, 2012 at 08:54 PM
This also makes elections, and the departure of Noah Fiedler from the council, very interesting and important.
The Anti-Alinsky March 14, 2012 at 09:25 PM
What was with the three stooges on the council, Borgman, Herenda and Soltysiak? They seemed confused about procedure and had a problem with the attorney's interpretation of Herenda's proposal. Are you kidding me? You pay an attorney hundreds of dollars an hour to make sure everything goes forward properly and you question his opinion? Both actions delay the purchase, so what were they arguing about? Then you try to bypass a committee by creating a new one in competition with them? Which one of those three came up with that? It was sponsored by Harenda, but this sounds like something Borgman would come up with. At least Soltysiak changed his vote and sided with creating a committee to research the plan. I know Borgman is Suzi Link's puppet and does whatever she wants, but come on. It's a step back to allow everyone to calm down, take a breath, and restart the process.
obtw March 15, 2012 at 12:17 AM
"but come on. It's a step back to allow everyone to calm down, take a breath, and restart the process." And why don't you lead by example?
Suzi Link March 15, 2012 at 04:12 PM
To ANTI>>>>>>whatever. 1. Borgman is my ALDERMAN. He is no-one's puppet. 2. Your insults and slurs, as usual, are a pathetice cover for the fact that up clearly lack any LEGITIMATE reasons to criticize the only three ALDERMEN who have actulally demonstrated that thier job is to represent US, the residents of Mukego. 3. You are correct that the Mayor is spending THOUSANDS OF TAX DOLLARS on legal fees to try to back the Aldermen into a corner BUT you have forgotten ONE BIG THING: We elected Aldermen, not attorneys, to the Common Council. I
The Anti-Alinsky March 17, 2012 at 03:23 AM
The city spends spend hundreds (possibly thousands) of dollars to make sure they are doing things legally. No competent attorney is going to give advice that is going to partial and lopsided enough to "back the alderman into a corner". As usually you use histrionics to try to overstate a weak argument. More than three alderman represent the city of Muskego. Like the whiners that camped out at the capital last spring, you don't get your way and you throw a hissy fit. There are way more views in this city than Suzi Link's. Maybe it's time Borgman, Herenda and Soltysiak stop attending your meetings and start listening to others in their districts.


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