Leaf Collection Starts Early

Originally planned for end of the month, Muskego Public Works Department moves up operations, but reminds residents to keep public safety in mind when putting leaves near the road.

City officials have decided to move up the leaf collection schedule, and have already started operations, about two weeks earlier than originally announced.

Dave Simpson, Director of Public Works, made the announcement during the Public Works committee meeting Monday night after Alderman Rob Wolfe raised a question on it. Wolfe had asked how the city would enforce its policy to ensure safety when residents are placing their leaves at the curb.

"I've seen piles that are covering the roadway, and in places it's down to one lane, and I want to know if there's a policy on how people need to get their leaves picked up," Wolfe said.

Simpson said operations had already begun, and that the rules were posted on the city's website. He explained that the city doesn't ticket residents for not being in compliance if the piles contain branches or other debris, they simply don't pick them up.

Wolfe had also opined that he felt the residents should be responsible for their own disposal of leaves, but others on the committee explained that residents had been burning their leaves in previous years, which has caused health problems for others.

Muskego Patch had also posted the notice on leaf collection, but as the 'season has started early, will reiterate when, where and how to deposit your leaves for pick up:


Roadside leaf pick up means just that

The Department of Public Works will start collecting leaves that are deposited at the side of the road, with operations starting on the north side of the city. Note that early snowfall could suspend this operation, so the sooner you're able to rake those leaves the better.

However, if you miss them on the first pass, crews will likely return in another week or two. The DPW will finish operations on November 30, and there will be no spring pick up.

In addition, please do not leave the piles in ditches, and piles should not obstruct the roadway. Simply rake up to the edge of the blacktop. In areas where there is curb and gutter, rake leaves to the edge of the curb so as not to obstruct the gutters. Leaves should not be bagged.

No tree branches, garden plants, or vines should be mixed in with the piles, please.


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