Marketing Plan Deferred Again, But Only For Minor Tweaks

Removal of references to lake park on Janesville will be made first before council will approve, and residents ask for responsible development.

Overall the of Muskego received little negative feedback from Common Council members, but specific references to the development of a lake park were asked to be removed from the plan before the council would approve. The city had hired an outside firm to explore its business centers, and develop a plan of action to attract more of them to the city.

City Planner Jeff Muenkel told the council it was up to them if they wanted to approve the plan with the tweaks in place or defer it and come back. However the recent uproar over the development of a park along Janesville Road was reason enough to have the council ask for any language that could be read as an endorsement for that particular land be stricken first before they would approve.

A general recommendation will be left in the report for public access to the lake, as it was not site-specific, and as Muenkel emphasized, is a recommendation only.

Concerns over development creating areas that would simply become too busy was a concern of resident Heidi Lindhorst, who wrote a letter to the council asking them to "carefully prepare guidelines that guard againstt the hubbub of a Highway 100 or a Bluemound Road."

Lindhorst echoed the concerns in the letter in person, by pointing out the signage being placed in the city was reflective of its natural resources, and not heavily trafficked centers that could create more problems. She said she would recommend taking a portion of the money set aside for the lake park to invest in Idle Isle.

Muenkel reassured her and the council that the marketing study did not set policy for the city's development, and that any recommendations fell within the guidelines for development in the 2020 Comprehensive Plan. He will present a final version of the 70-plus page report at the next council meeting in June.


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