Meeting Preview: Muskego Finance Committee Gets Ready for Expensive Years

More than $17 million in refinancing/borrowing will help finance water system expenses, road projects through 2013.

The Muskego Finance Committee meets Tuesday night at 5:30 p.m. atto discuss a recommendation that will help pay the bills on major road projects, including Janesville Road, Pioneer Drive and Tess Corners Drive.

The $14,500,000 in general obligation promissory notes needed to address these events is a lot to digest, but as the City and County have been discussing Janesville Road in particular, it shouldn't come as a surprise.

In addition, an issuance and sale of $2.75 in revenue refunding bonds, which is another way to refinance existing debt according to Finance Director Sharon Mueller, will be recommended.  These funds will help maintain the city's water system.

Along with this theme, a discussion of recommending a purchase of the , brought to the committee from the parks department, will be on the table. The city has been leasing the launch on Big Muskego Lake from the Boxhorn Gun club since 2002 for an initial payment of $2,000 per year, with a three percent increase every year thereafter. The landowner, Art Dumke, declined extending this lease, but has said he would be interested in a purchase agreement.

No price tag is set at this point - this will just initiate the offer to purchase process.  If approved, it appears as a resolution of necessity on the Common Council agenda later on Tuesday night.


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