Muskego Alderman Files Claim Against City

Borgman cites city's lack of action in responding to storm water and sewer maintenance as reason to file lawsuit in Waukesha Circuit Court.

Third District Alderman Neil Borgman filed a small claims case in Waukesha County Circuit Court "to compel the City of Muskego to begin proper maintenance and repair of the existing Sanitary and stormwater sewer systems immediately," according to a release from the alderman.

"Since being elected Alderman for this District in 2004, I have repeatedly attempted to get the City of Muskego to honor its obligation to the homeowners in this area regarding drainage and storm water management issues," stated Borgman. "In July, 2010, as a result of the City’s repeated refusals to maintain the stormwater ponds, watercourse and a stormwater sewer main (built or upgraded by the City in stages since 2000), the stormwater sewer became totally blocked with debris." 

Borgman maintained that the blockage caused surface flooding in the area of Briargate Lane and Parkland Drive of 18 inches and that the sanitary sewer also failed due to pressure from a storm water sewer main at Briargate and Lannon.  In addition, "this blockage in the sanitary sewer main sent raw sewage into private residences for over 20 hours," according to Borgman's statement. 

Mayor Kathy Chiaverotti declined comment on the matter, as the city has not reviewed the details of the claim as of yet.  In addition, Borgman was not available for further comment at the time the story was published, but further details on the case are forthcoming.

Muskego's Three Stooges March 20, 2012 at 04:06 AM
Think of how much this suit is costing city taxpayers. Time wasted on the part of city staff, attorney fees, etc. Unbelievable.


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