Update: Muskego Anti-Lake Park Group To Present Petitions

Group has protested in front of Mayor's house and distributed flyers, and says they're working on gathering petitions to block vote

The protest on Sunday, and an apparent literature drop since then by a group opposed to a purchase by the city of land along Janesville Road, has brought new attention to a group formed in opposition to the offer to purchase resolution before the common council Tuesday night.

The flyers tucked under windshield wipers after Sunday mass at St. Leonards and tucked into mailboxes around Muskego ask residents to question the $3.5 million expenditure of the city to purchase land and homes offered by Michael Dilworth, which also includes a home owned by the Cherek family. The flyer is designated as "paid for by Muskego for Ethical Government, Debra Bolton, Treasurer."

Additionally, there has been speculation that the group was trying to collect signatures for a petition to block a vote by the common council on the offer to purchase, which is Tuesday night at 7pm at . However, attempts to reach someone with the group have not been successful to confirm this until late this afternoon.

Lorie Oliver said the group has indeed registered with the city clerk's office as a political action committee, and they have been going door to door to collect signatures to present at Tuesday night's meeting. She estimated there are about 50 to 60 residents who are active.

"We have collected 500 signatures as of Sunday," Oliver said, adding that as they have spoken to residents they are eager to sign.

The flyer itself urges residents to demand a referendum on the matter, however developer and property owner Dilworth has stated that he would pull the offer should the city pose a referendum. In addition, the flyer continues to ask the question on long-term costs, which has been unanswered at previous meetings at different levels.

Most recently, , as there were too many variables without one. Until the land is purchased, it's unlikely one will be created.

Oliver questioned the relationships between public officials and Dilworth and his associates.

"Gerald Boisits is on the Parks and Rec committee, and he is representing Dilworth in this deal. He has said he'll recuse himself from voting, but he's been on that committee a long time. I think that's a conflict of interest," she said.

She stressed that a referendum is needed to get public input on the matter and that the project has been rushed, especially given the real estate market.

"There hasn't been a piece of property purchased on the lake that's been for more than $1 million in years, what is the rush with this?" she asked.

Dilworth and Cherek have also been promised, per the resolution, $25,000, which is the maximum under state mandate that is to be paid to property owners in a city purchase. However, Oliver said the group felt that money should be offered when the purchase is brought forth by the city, and not as an offer to the city by the owner.

The public will have another chance to weigh in on the issue at Muskego Lakes Country Club at 7pm on Tuesday, Jan. 24.

The Warrior January 24, 2012 at 10:53 PM
Book it Dan-o! The Tea Party of Muskego will do onto others as is being done to the Governor. Such poor sports. But I must say, you have such great screen names. Simple Bacon, obtw, Suzi Link...
Suzi Link January 24, 2012 at 11:23 PM
Marcus Thank you. I really like my name too. Too bad you are afraid to identify yourself--does that mean that you don't like your real name??? Sincerely, Suzi Link (my real name)
Deni January 25, 2012 at 12:43 AM
Hysterical Suzi!
Car-La January 25, 2012 at 04:31 PM
I agree with you, any one who wants to start a recall on the Mayor and Aldermen that supported this I will be willing to help!!
Simple Bacon January 26, 2012 at 02:47 PM
Recall? Vote them out? I don't care but one way or the other this Council, and especially this Mayor, must be held accountable. Misappropriation of TIF funds, the creation of slush funds by borrowing before an aquisition was even approved, public officials who refuse to speak to their constituents, and an open contempt for at least a portion of their community are all reasons to remove these people. How many people realize that the Council approved borrowing the money specifically for the land aquisition months ago? They approved borrowing the millions prior to "allowing public input" on the aquisition. Is that good governement? So, the test for me is do we have time to wait before an election? Based on recent performance I think a lot of damage can be done before these people come up for re-election. Ald. Snead...she can go now. The rest maybe can be held in check before we toss them out through the standard process - maybe not. That's what people will need to think through.


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