Muskego Approves Move to Purchase Boat Launch

Finance Committee and Common Council approves resolution of necessity to move toward Boxhorn Launch acquisition.

Parks and Recreation Director Craig Anderson met with the Finance Committee Tuesday night to pitch the idea of a purchase of the   The city has had a lease agreement with the club and has made improvements like lighting to the area.

Purchasing the launch would allow the city to be eligible to apply for grants for further improvements like dredging the launch area, according to Anderson.  So far, he added, the city has paid $32,000 in lease payments to the club. He estimated that the cost for an appraisal would run about $10,000.

Art Dumke, owner of the property is interested in selling to the city, indicating that he wants to reinvest the funds into the business.

"We've been trying to secure this launch for the city over the past seven or eight years, so it's really a win-win situation."

At the Common Council, brief debate was raised over the issue, with Alderman Neil Borgman, who ultimately voted in favor of the measure, commenting that "as we learned as children from our parents, you can't have everything.  I think the council needs to be the parent."


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