Muskego Developer 'Not Interested' In Parkland Site

Michael Dilworth talked to Parkland Mall site owner Art Dyer, but attorney said his client is only intent on moving forward with current deal with city

Muskego developer Michael Dilworth "is simply not interested" in a proposal that developer Art Dyer was trying to formalize with him, according to Dilworth's attorney, Gerald Boisits.

Boisits said his client wanted to 'lay low' after the story broke that Dyer, who owns the former Parkland Mall site on Janesville, had approached a few alderman with the idea of a possible land swap with Dilworth.

Dilworth owns parcels on Little Muskego Lake, and had approached the city with an offer to sell them back in August for the development of a park. The Common Council narrowly voted to approve that purchase on Jan. 24. Dyer had been thinking of proposing that Dilworth purchase the Parkland property, and in turn he would purchase Dilworth's parcel, which would in effect move the public park to the Parkland property.

The proposal would also have come about a month before Dyer, who filed suit against the city in 2009, goes into mediation to settle that suit.

Boisits confirmed that Dyer had emailed Dilworth, and the two spoke on the phone, but "there really was no discussion. Mr. Dilworth was basically just hearing him out."

Dilworth, he said, was committed to the plans on his property that remains on Little Muskego Lake, and was looking forward to completing the agreement with the city.

Suzi Link February 19, 2012 at 12:38 AM
Why would anyone park on College Ave (except for the Fireworks) when Park Arthur contains plenty of "overflow parking" (both trailer and car-only), and is accessed from Martin Drive, only 1 block from the entrance to Idle Isle?
Brett Hyde February 19, 2012 at 02:29 AM
Idle Isle is a nice neighborhood park, but parking is one of the problems. There are only about 35 stalls in the park. Streets in that area are very thin and limits parking quite a bit. Park Arthur at the moment only has about 30 parking stalls. Once it comes fully on line much of that parking will be taken up by people using the new park amenities.
Concerned Life Long Muskego Citizen February 19, 2012 at 06:18 PM
For everyones information since it is not provided one of the homes is mold infested, funny Mr. DIlworth doesb't let everyone know. The lots are pie shaped the actual lake frontage is very small, the amount of parking for boats and trailers, will not be alot. People need to get their information before allowing this mistake by the lake, this will be a small park that will not have much parking. People can see how well the current parks and Idle Isle included are taken care of!! How long before the mistake by the lake that will need constant cleaning becuase of the actual cost of maintaining a park that is well used will be passed onto the tax payers with higher taxes!!
Brett Hyde February 19, 2012 at 11:16 PM
If you look at the image provided in this article, you can see that the lots, while irregular, are not pie shaped. The lake frontage is almost 365'. I personally wouldn't consider that small but each of us have our definition. I don't know about the mold infestation, but since most if not all of the existing improvements would be demolished that shouldn't affect a future park other than to possible negotiate a lower price.
Home Isp April 03, 2012 at 11:07 PM
Mike Dilworth if you look at records has been trying to sell property since purchase! Any offer is better than a home you can't use? Anyone remember couple with $350,000 home in Brookfield? They couldn't live in, insurance did't cover mold!! Still having to make payments? Mr. Dilworth!! Check out Ener-con Companies website, and see how many unfinished projects he has?? Look at Cudahy were he did developements and Greenfield.Kenosha,Racince?? And it goes on and on?? I would have helped City to buy my house too! Who else will???


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