Muskego District 3 Candidates Have Met Before

Neil Borgman and Larry Lefebvre have run against each other in 2010 for lakeside district and will debate on March 20.

Muskego's third district includes roughly half of the shoreline residents on Little Muskego lake, with its boundaries extending to a 'wedge' east and north and bordered by College Avenue and Janesville road.

Neil Borgman and Larry Lefebvre will face off in April, which is a repeat of the 2010 race in the district. In that contest, Borgman won 351 to 209 votes, with a turnout of approximately 25 percent. 

As recent debate on the Common Council has centered on a park on Little Muskego Lake, it's likely to be a key issue for voters in this district. The candidates will debate in a.


Neil Borgman, incumbent

Number of years on Common Council: I was elected to the council in 2004.  With the exception of the Teen Board and Landfill I think I've been on every committee.  I particularly enjoy the Historical Committee because I share a love of history with other committee members.  The last two years I have been on the Planning Commission; that is an appointment by the other aldermen.

Presently employed at:  Key Technical as a Technical Specialist.  I have been in OEM design engineering my whole career.  While my formal training is mechanical engineering, I have acquired hydraulic and electrical engineering skills on the job.

How long a resident of Muskego: 36 years. "My wife has lived in Muskego her whole life. I grew up in nearby Hales Corners."

What do you enjoy most about the city? "There's a lot to enjoy about living here; it's a safe community with good schools.  The best thing is the people.  Being an alderman allows you to interact with a lot of people.  The third district has the friendliest people but, I may have a bias."

What issues do you hope to focus on in the next two years? "There's no doubt that the long awaited Janesville Road project will be a focus for the next several years while we endure the construction.  The construction is only a part of the overall project as Muskego is responsible for the streetscaping expenses.  The city has borrowed an enormous amount of money for capital projects - some of which I agree with and others I don't.  Managing that capital budget and debt will be a focus for many years to come."


Larry Lefebvre, challenger

Experience in community: Commissioner - Community Development Authority Commissioner (3 year term) - Little Muskego Lake District, currently serving the second 3-year term

Presently employed at retired Vice President of distribution company; bachelor's degree in Business Administration

How long a resident of Muskego: 7 years, Lives on Jewel Crest Drive with wife Barbara

What do you enjoy most about Muskego? "My wife Barb and I love its small-town charm, while it's still just 20 minutes from downtown Milwaukee."

What issues do you hope to focus on in the next two years? "My main focus will be to keep taxes low by attracting new businesses.  Also, I plan to be very involved in solving the 'Christmas tree farm' dilemma that has gone on far too long."

Muskego Area Chamber of Commerce February 29, 2012 at 02:39 AM
Just a clarification that March 20th is not a debate. This will be a public forum where questions will be brought to a moderator. The moderator will be looking for repeating themes in questions and will ask questions of all the candidates based on those themes. We are still waiting for confirmation on attendance from some candidates.


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