Muskego Election 2012: 1st District Race First At Polls

The big year of voting begins on February 21, as voters in aldermanic district 1 will pick the top two candidates to go onto the April ballot.

The election season is closer than you might think, as three candidates for the first aldermanic district seat means a primary will be slated for Tuesday, Feb. 21. We've asked each candidate for their basic biographies, plus a little of what they would focus on in the next 2 years. As two are challengers and one is a long-term incumbent the questions in this regard varied a bit.

The top two vote-getters will advance to the March 20 forum, and the April 3 election.

Robert Wolfe

Currently employed at Viking Electric, Account Manager

Muskego Resident for 21 Years

Committees, volunteer posts, etc.: None listed

What made you decide to run?/What would you focus on in your term? "I want to create a refreshing and long overdue change with better representation as District 1 Alderman in Muskego. My commitment is to do everything possible to make our community a better place to live. My knowledge and experience will benefit Muskego with a realistic vision for the future. As an honest, dependable, hard working family man I think that it is time for the voter to be heard.

I will be watchful and look out for the well being of Muskego.

Tracy Snead (incumbent)

Currently employed at Franklin Public Schools since 1995, currently facilitating the development and implementation of a program in Alternative Education for At-Risk students.  Five certifications in education and two Masters degrees, one in Exceptional Education and the other in Administration.

Muskego resident for 17 years

Committees, volunteer posts, etc.
: On common council for three terms/six years.  Park and Rec board for two years, finance for four years, Public works for two years one of those years as the Chair, Festival Committee for the past five years, and currently Public Safety as the chair.  Served twice as Council President. 

What do you love about Muskego/what makes you want to run again? "I love the community and it has been a great place for my husband and I to raise our two sons, Ryan 21 and Logan 18.  They have both gone through the public schools and I feel got an excellent education in Muskego.   

"I enjoy Muskego because of how close knit of a community it is.  Prior to becoming an Alderman, I knew a lot of people through the sports world that we were involved in due to the boys.  Now, having been an Alderman, I have met even more people and that is one of the things I enjoy the most.  Jammin' on Janesville was a blast for me because not only did I get the opportunity to talk with people I already knew, but also met people I didn't. 

"I enjoy attending the Chamber functions, and helping to make decisions that will help to develop Muskego both now and for the future.  Since I have been an Alderman, I feel I have done so much.  I began with helping to solve the issues with the Historical Society through the development of working document that provides guidelines for both.  I also have worked with the Council and Volunteer Fire Department to first of all consolidate and help to create more efficiency and cost effectiveness for the city.  I helped to assess the need of the City Administrator position within the city and supported not to fill this position and to restructure the staff we currently have to take over the duties and roles from that position which was a cost savings for the city.  I have been part of making tough decisions that have helped to keep services the same, keep taxes down and yet support progress projects that benefit the city as a whole. 

What issues you hope to focus on in the next two years?
"The biggest issue in my district currently is the flooding.  From what I am hearing from those that have lived here longer than me, this seemed to become a big issue once New Berlin started to build and since Janesville road went in.  I have attempted in many ways to work with the County and have gotten no where.  My hopes are that with a new Supervisor for this area, I can finally be heard and get somewhere with this issue. 

"We also have the Tess Corners reconstruction project that will begin in Spring.  This will potentially include a recreation trail which has been requested by many in this district both from those living on Tess Corners but also people that live in my subdivision.  The road is in horrible condition and since the initial part of this project has begun, it is found that the soil beneath the road is in worse shape than was initially thought and needs more attention than initially thought.  It is my hope that the flooding issue coming from this road will also be addressed hopefully to alleviate some of the flooding coming from Tess Corner's Creek and other areas. 

"As for the city as a whole, I would continue to work on the relationship between the fire department and the City.  I want to see some type of retention program implemented that will help to benefit all that are and have given their time and dedication.  I would like to continue in the planning and development of the Janesville road project.  I would like to help bring in small business that makes Muskego a destination place.  I would like to continue to work with the Police Department and their programs that help to keep them the proactive department that they are.  They have wonderful programs that benefit our community.  We live in a safe and well protected community. 

"The Council over the past six years that I have been in office has worked diligently on keeping taxes down, while continuing to provide services that we all want from leaf pick up to community programs and yet try to pull in businesses that will help provide tax revenue for our city, such as Kohls, GE, and Walmart to name a few.  We have made our Government within City Hall more efficient in its duties thus reducing costs and increasing customer service.  We have done some great things over the past six years and I have been proud to be a part of this and would like to continue on to make sure that we stay on a productive and cost effective path."


Randall Hojnacki:

Currently employed at: Waukesha State Bank (part-time); retired from IBM after 37 year career as a program manager

Muskego resident for 34 years; 64 years of age, married for 35 years

Committees, volunteer posts, etc.: Treasurer for homeowners association, 26 years; PTO Vice-president, chairperson fund raisers; lector and religious Education Teacher, 12 years; RE Board and President, 16 years; long range planning committee, technology committee, fundraisers; Boy Scouts, camp-out and fund raising assistant

What do you love about Muskego/made you decide to run?  "Our family has lived in Muskego for almost 34 years. Our children were raised in this community, which my wife and I call home. We love this area and have no plans to move or leave. We want to see Muskego preserve its heritage as it grows and develops in the years ahead.

What will you focus on in your term? "As a Muskego Alderperson, I want to ensure the city prospers, grows and develops without negatively impacting the homeowner’s ability to maintain their homes.  I support an open government; one that solicits input from its constituents, listens to them and follows the will of the majority. I will maintain an open door and allow an avenue for input and feedback.    

"Being retired now and having years of business experience; I have the time, knowledge and motivation to serve as an Alderperson for the City of Muskego. Once elected, I will represent my constituents honestly and keep a watchful eye on how our tax dollars are collected and spent."

(Additional information was also sent by this candidate - see pdf)

Robert J. Wolfe February 16, 2012 at 05:01 AM
I have nothing to hide, if you like to call me at 414-427-9653 I would be more than willing to state the facts. Thank you, Rob Wolfe
Robert J. Wolfe February 16, 2012 at 05:01 AM
Anyone seeking more information you can contact me at 414-427-9653 and I will be honored to answer your questions. Thank you, Rob Wolfe
The Anti-Alinsky February 20, 2012 at 07:38 PM
Mr Wolfe, The city has several projects going on at the same time. Are you saying you would go to the taxpayers with a referendum on every one of them? We have Janesville Rd, Pioneer Drive, Woods Road bike trail, the Borst property and other going on right now. The city just redid Durham Road last year. Do you want a referendum for each of these? If you do, you should not be running for public office. We elect our city leaders to collect information, listen to constituents and opinions, and then vote on what is best for Muskego and their district. The city currently has guidelines for when they HAVE to go to referendum. The current lake proposal (Bring Back the Lake was the large plan that was abandoned two years ago) fits well within those guidelines.
TheRealMuskegoPatch_UnBiased February 22, 2012 at 01:23 AM
So Denise, first you said that you posted all the comments, then, you later posted the whole email?? The bios also seem BIASED. I do not want someone who lies about emails to edit our communities news! But, overall, what goes around comes around we shall find out in the results tonight.
Robert J. Wolfe February 22, 2012 at 06:43 AM
I just want to personally say Thank You! Again I am asking for your vote on April 3rd so together we can make a difference in Muskego. Thank You, Rob Wolfe.


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