Muskego Meeting Recap: An Agreeable Group Makes for A Quick Evening

Despite a list of approvals, Muskego Finance and Common Council move through quickly.

The Finance Committee and Common Council Met Tuesday night at , and made quick work of the discussion items before them.

Here's a recap of items approved at Finance, and again at Council

  • A change in cleaning services was approved, with the new service, Dan Plautz, coming in with the lowest bid among the five that were requested. The current service, Jani-King was said to provide quality, but the $1,500 savings was the deciding factor, and the fact that the company is locally based. 
  • The assignment of a contract to an outside building inspection firm was approved. 
  • An annual review of salaries for Aldermen in districts 1, 3 and 5 was more of an alignment of a previous ordinance that had been revised, and involved the aldermen's salaries in the other districts.  No change to the dollar amount was made.
  • The city decided to make a change to its labor attorney as well, as they felt the present attorney was not as responsive, presenting "significant lag time," according to Mayor Kathy Chiaverotti.
  • An agreement made between Veolia Environmental Services and the city which indicated an expansion to its landfill area was reviewed and approved.  The original agreement indicated the desire to expand over time, and the request has now been formalized and approved.
  • The increase in costs from Foth Infrastructure & Environment to revise their design plan for brought up at the previous public works meeting was also approved .
  • The acceptance of bids for public works vehicles, including a sweeper and truck with plow, passed unanimously.
  • The mayor was also authorized to approve the year's final vouchers, as the final Common Council meeting was canceled for Dec. 27.

In addition, public hearings to rezone properties near the Sauced Restaurant to a business district (local service center district), which could allow for additional business development in that area, and to make the Borst Property a conservation district was held with no public comment.

The council approved these measures unanimously.

Simple Bacon December 06, 2011 at 06:24 PM
What on earth does "An Agreeable Group..." have to do with this story? Ms. Konkel you're reporting has become more opinion piece than news account. Is this the Patch or, the Onion? There was no need to add your commentary to the title of this report. It is ever so apparent that the Muskego Patch is closely aligned with the Chamber of Commerce and the current Mayor - you were after all hired under, what some have called, a misappropriation of funds by this Common Council. And that's all well and good but some of us would like to read our local news without wading through your bias. I'll ask again; what on earth does the title have to do with a report of the Common Council proceedings? What's your point? Our elected officials should all be "agreeable"? I prefer mine to disagree and debate and not just be rubber-stamps for the Mayor.


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