Muskego Parks Recap: Hunting, Archery To Be Allowed at Borst Property

Municipal code will need to change if grant money is to be received for Borst property; 'free little library' idea is deemed interesting, but passed to Muskego Public Library for possible oversight

The Parks and Recreation Department board met Monday night at City Hall, with a few items we wanted to recap:

Hunting and trapping in parks

The municipal code for the parks currently prohibits any hunting or trapping at any time. In addition "firearms of any description or air rifles, spring-guns, bow and arrows, slings, or any other forms of weapons" is also prohibited. With the purchase of the Borst property, however, grant funding is contingent upon allowing hunting and trapping on the land, according to conservation coordinator Tom Zagar.

Craig Anderson, parks director, said that the code would also need to be amended with the advent of concealed carry legislation, with changes to acknowledge the new law. Common Council approve the amendment on Tuesday.

Little Free Library program

The board also considered a request from a resident to take part in the Little Free Library program, which promotes a free book exchange. The program features a kiosk where people may drop off childrens books for others to take and return. The first library was placed in Hudson, WI, and two of the closest exist in Glendale and Pewaukee.

Board member Alderman Kert Harenda said the idea was appealing, but the placement suggestion of was concerning.

"I have to wonder how long it would last, and whether vandals might target it," he said.

Brett Hyde agreed, and along with others, suggested a better fit in having the library help mentor and oversee the program.

Idle Isle improvements for summer already in the works

As the winter is winding down, Anderson said he has already heard from the Little Muskego Lake Association and Lisa Niles, who helped coordinate last year's at . The next phase of projects will include signage in the park, and the group is working on donations.

Overflow lot on Durham garners higher funding than anticipated

The grant funding for came in to cover nearly 53 percent of the project's total cost of $65,000. The $34,862 received represented nearly $9,000 more than anticipated.

Woods Road Recreational Trail

Anderson said as resident feedback has been received, and a 'walk through' of the trail was conducted. Bids on the project will be received around the end of March, with construction to begin just as school lets out in summer.

Concerned Citizen February 16, 2012 at 03:29 PM
How is the Little Free Library program different than the library we already have???? Why can people not go to the library to get books?
Denise Konkol February 16, 2012 at 04:35 PM
Lots of questions, to be sure. What this library doesn't have that the regular one does is hours. It's an honor system, take a book, leave a book type of thing. Craig Anderson described it as Norman Rockwell in nature, and seems to do well in areas like parks where kids can theoretically grab a book and read. However, if you have a group of interested citizens to oversee it, it's a fairly easy thing to maintain.


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