Muskego Road Projects Moving Along, But One May Cost More

Durham Drive is officially complete for 2012 as of Wednesday, but Tess Corners hits a snag in the design phase.

The Muskego Public Works Committee met Monday night to review the numerous road projects at one phase of development or another.  Here is an update for each of them:

Janesville Road: with utilities construction underway City Engineer Dave Simpson said he expects them to move along quickly; he explained that their deadline was 'into spring,' but foresaw completion in the next two months.  However, AT&T declined to participate in the communal trench that is being dug by WE Energies, and will likely dig their own using the same route.  AT&T has yet to begin their work, but Simpson said they have the same deadline.

Durham Drive: motorists can feel more comfortable using the road as of Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 23.  Simpson said the road will officially be open, even though it appears traffic has already begun using the thorofare more steadily.  Minor work to place soil and seed along the route is being completed, and Simpson said whatever work falls into 2012, including a second layer of asphalt, will not require any closure of the road.

Pioneer Drive: surveys have been completed, and Simpson felt that a public information meeting will be held in early January to provide more information on the plans for the street that links the City Hall complex to Janesville Road.

Tess Corners Drive: The committee agreed to revise an agreement with Foth, which is in charge of engineering design.  An additional $21,500 will be required as Foth has found that the 'vast majority' of soil underneath the roadway is failing. Apparently when the road was last installed a 'stabilization method' used a mix of grading and dirt, which has been acting as a wick and drawing water from the roadside underneath.

Foth recommended that an additional layer of material be replaced in the construction of Tess Corners in 2012, which raises the costs of the total project.  However, in moving planned paths that were on the roadway to off the roadway will save the city considerable dollars.  Overall the committee felt the placement of the recreational paths off road was safer as well. The current budget for Tess Corners Drive was $1.2 million, and the new estimate from Foth would take those costs to $1.4 million. 

Most felt optimistic that the $1.4 million was a high estimate and could go down as the project proceeds.


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