Muskego's Island Park Sees Improvement, and Looks Forward to Next Step

Little Muskego Lake Association reports a successful first phase; next step will include signage, recognition of volunteers.

Lisa Niles and Renee Reckin came before the Parks and Recreation Board on Monday night with reports of a great community volunteer effort, and the before and after photos to prove it.

The volunteer-driven effort to reclaim the overgrowth of weeds along the park's shore was given high praise from park director Craig Anderson, who said many people who were at the park over the past weekend remarked how nice everything looked.

"It's just been a fun project, and people have been so helpful," said Niles, a member of the Little Muskego Lake Association. "Just getting the weeds knocked down, you could see a big difference."

The group plans to continue to raise funds for signage updates in the park, including gateway signs into the park and a new regulations sign.  While the board discussed concerns over vandalism to any new signage, Anderson said there's always that possibility in any of the parks.

Niles said they are looking forward to mimic signage that will be used in Park Arthur.  They are also hoping to put small plaques near the plantings to identify them, and a sign to honor the volunteer groups and businesses that have donated time, money and materials.


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