Muskego's Newest Park Target of Vandalism

Recent rains proved too tempting for "off-roader" caught by police. The Parks Department says damage is minimal.

Muskego Police tracked down the driver of an SUV who tore up the newly seeded lawns at Park Arthur on Sept. 25. 

A 22-year-old Pewaukee man was cited for the vandalism after police found his muddy Mercury Mountaineer at a residence on Marybeck Lane. The driver, who reports indicated was "equally muddy," admitted to damaging the lawn. 

Parks Director Craig Anderson said that the ruts weren't significant. He expected crews to repair the area either Tuesday or Wednesday.

That is good news, as it caused no delay to the schedule and no cost estimate was needed to make the repairs. For those awaiting the park, which is going to feature Muskego's first set of sledding hills for the 2012-2013 winter season along with other sports fields, it's also a relief to know the hills themselves were not impacted by the vandalism.

The incident does bring to mind a concern of Alderman Neil Borgman over the recent construction of paved roads into the park.

Borgman had voiced his worries that paving the park before fields were set would invite just such vandalism. Anderson explained that entrances were blocked off with construction equipment.

"If people are going to want to do damage, they will," Anderson said. "We put up enough obstacles, yet he was still able to get in."

The driver, a 22 year old Pewaukee man was charged with criminal damage to property.


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