Park Arthur Paving Approved

Council approves funding for College Avenue entry, which will be completed in 2012 before the snow flies to allow residents to access the sledding hill.

Residents will be able to enter the much-awaited Park Arthur from College Avenue to go sledding, after city leaders approved a bid for paving the entrance.

Approved on Tuesday night was a plan to pave the College Avenue entrance, plus remaining parking areas and a trail from the middle lot to the base of the sledding hill.

Payne and Dolan put forth the winning bid of $219,268 for the paving project. The total also included an alternate bid of $59,450 to complete a bypass lane on College Avenue required by the county. In addition, it was expected that $185,000 of the entire project cost will be covered by park dedication funds. Payne and Dolan was one of four companies that submitted a bid.

The bypass lane was originally estimated to cost $235,000 alone, but a memo from Public Works Director Dave Simpson stated the overall cost plummeted to an estimated $85,000 after it was determined the county would require a much less in-depth construction of College Avenue.


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