Personal Fireworks Will Continue as Debate Fizzles

Opposition to continuing permits doesn't materialize, but public safety committee will beef up language in ordinance and permits to spell out insurance requirements, prevention and safety

At least for the next year, it would appear that no major changes will take place for residents hoping to get a permit to use fireworks. Despite indications that police and fire officials would voice their opposition to continuing the issuance of permits for class C fireworks by the city, none materialized Wednesday at the Public Safety Committee meeting.

Committee member Jim Mayer confirmed that the city was compliant with state codes, specifically in allowing individuals to hold a permit. Earlier concerns that state statutes did not include individuals were based on older statutes, he said.

However, changes will be made to the ordinance, including:

  • More explicit language on how much insurance would be required for permit holders to have on their homeowners policy; presently no language exists in the municipal code; how much will remain a discussion item for the committee.
  • More explicit language on fire suppression and prevention equipment
  • A review of permit holders could take place shortly after the 4th of July period and the application deadline could be moved to the end of June. Presently, applications are due by the third Friday of June and requests are reviewed then, for a usage period from July 1 - 7. 
  • Additional educational materials will be handed out with the permits to cover basic courtesy to neighbors, burning regulations and proper fire prevention

Mayer also asked whether the city was opening itself up to liability in the future by maintaining the current policy.

"Is the city of Muskego putting itself in a bad situation? As we develop, this will continue to be an issue, so are we concerned at all about liability, and are we on borrowed time?" he asked.

However, it was confirmed by Alderman Neil Borgman that the city is has a zero percent liability against damage caused by fireworks in the possession of permit holders.

The committee will continue to develop the language for the ordinance as well as the additional 'education piece' to be included with permits for next year.

tom nowicki October 04, 2012 at 01:34 PM
I only read that fireworks might be eliminated and did not see anything about a debate.I did not see any notice.this was a very hotly debated subject 2.3.4&5years ago and the public should have a chance to eliminate them again.Thanks,Tom Nowicki,414-422-0696
tom nowicki October 04, 2012 at 01:35 PM
see above,Tom
Denise Konkol October 04, 2012 at 02:53 PM
We posted stories numerous times in the past year....search Larry Jansen or Fireworks Spark Debate on our site. None of these folks were there either yesterday. We also previewed this meeting on Monday. Good practice is to sign up for our newsletter - muskego.patch.com/newsletters - or by clicking on 'newsletters' at the top of the page to get the daily updates.


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