Pioneer Drive Ready This Week; Janesville Road Falls Behind

A roads recap reveals the opening of Pioneer Drive despite a wait for lighting, while the phase I Janesville Road project may take a little longer than planned.

Stripes may become everyone's favorite pattern, as they generally herald the end of road construction, and Pioneer Drive is now sporting yellow stripes of its own.

Dave Simpson told the Public Works Committee Monday night that the road project is nearly complete, and through traffic will likely be allowed by Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. However, they are continuing to see a delay in the installation of streetscape lighting, which Simpson is asking to be completed by the city's Christmas parade in mid-November.

Other road projects were discussed and include:

Janesville Road - phase I is nearly complete, with the paving of the westbound (north side) lanes finished, with the exception of some intersections. Simpson explained concrete work is still needed in some areas, and that the overall project is behind. Originally targeted to be done by Oct. 17, he said the delay may have been a matter of not having enough crews, but is hoping for a clearer timeline from the county, which will meet with him Tuesday.

Tess Corners Drive - despite a later start than hoped for the roadway construction after utility crews completed their work, the project is also looking at two to weeks for paving to occur. Simpson said there are currently three crews working on site, which has helped the project get to completion sooner than a mid to late November schedule.

Woods Road - the recreational trail project, which spanned a 1.8-mile length on the north side of the road, has been completed.

DK October 17, 2012 at 01:26 PM
Considering that the weather this summer was cooperative, Janesville Road is taking way too long. If a lack of crews is the reason, maybe the number of road projects throughout the state ougtht to be looked at and reduced. The numerous road construction projects area a joke, as well as costly to the taxpayer.
Muskegotom October 17, 2012 at 05:32 PM
DK, I agree with you. The number of projects going on is insane.


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