Play Ball: Park Arthur Should be Ready in 2013 for Leagues on the 'Big Field'

A regulation sized field, complete with outfield fencing and lights, will be ready to go in 2013, with help from Warriors Youth league and a corporate angel.

The pieces have been falling into place for Park Arthur recently, and its first big feature, a regulation sized baseball field, will see construction starting by the end of the month, with features like outfield fencing and lights to come in 2013.

Parks Director Craig Anderson gave an update to the Parks Board on Monday, and said that the Muskego Youth Baseball League has really come through on They have turned over a check for $15,000 from InPro Corporation for the costs to complete it, with an additional $45,000 planned in 2013. The Warriors had raised roughly $75,000 as of August, prior to the InPro donation.

Steve Ziegler, CEO with InPro, explained the donation was a good investment, stating, "we made a three-year commitment to support this ballpark because InPro feels this is a good long-term investment in youth activities in Muskego."

Earlier, indications from the Committee of the Whole have shown a willingness to complete the park in 2013, with through a straw poll. The Common Council has also and to complete parking areas, which was originally a 2013 budget item.


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