Public Hearings, Aldermanic Appointment Take Up Council Meeting

Tuesday night meetings will cover issues on rezoning DJ's property on Janesville, the amendment to an ordinance for cell 911, and the hiring of a new alderman in District 4.

Three public hearings will be held during Tuesday night's Common Council meeting, which begins at 7 p.m. at City Hall, covering rezoning, the city's 911 fight with Waukesha County and the city's comprehensive plan. In addition, the vacancy on the council after the departure of Keith Werner as alderman for the 4th District will be filled as the four candidates interested will be vetted by the council.

A recent request by resident Dan Hewitt, who owns the property that . Although there has been a business on that land for about 90 years, city planners said it was always considered a residential parcel. The rezoning will allow Hewitt to rebuild the business, as it will be torn down as part of the Janesville Road construction project next year.

The city is hoping a will give it the leverage it needs to take over cellular 911 calls made within the city. Waukesha County has the authority over the cell routes now and has refused to grant access to the city to handle the emergency calls.

As the FCC has refused to rule on the dispute, it was advised by the city's attorney to amend the ordinance to give the city a first right of refusal to the routes, which could force the hand of the wireless carriers to give them access to the routes. A public hearing is required first before the Common Council can vote on the amendment.

(It was first reported that a public hearing would be held at a plan commission meeting, but the Council agenda has now placed it during their session.)

A third public hearing will also review the city's comprehensive plan and land use map, which is being amended to remove reference to the lake properties in the Park and Conservation Plan and also directs City staff to amend the 2020 Comprehensive Plan to possibly remove the “Future Lake Access” notations from the Plan. Residents were concerned that the language would still leave open the possibility of a lake park in the same area along Janesville Road. After two contentious rounds over lake park development for a public park, removing the references will eliminate that possibility.

The council will also have an opportunity to interview the in the 4th District. Rob Glazier, Nancy Salentine, Blaise DiPronio and Reno Berg have submitted resumes and letters of interest for the seat, which will be up for re-election in April 2013.

The council meeting will cap off a full slate of meetings on Tuesday, beginning with Finance Committee at 6 p.m., Committee of the Whole at 6:30 p.m. and the quarterly meeting for Big Muskego Lake District at 6:45 p.m.

Muskego Held Hostage June 28, 2012 at 12:41 AM
MEG member, Debra Bolton, attacked the rezoning of DJ’s, Muskego bar/restaurant, at last night's Council Meeting. In her estimation Muskego needed “fewer restaurants and especially bars.” She stated she would not miss what she called the drinking and noise that is prevalent at our bars and restaurants. In her estimation bars and alcohol were a detriment to Muskego and she would not miss any of them. She spoke against the re-zoning for this popular Muskego business. She suggested that the owner, who was present and had asked for these proceedings, come back to the council with plans before any city action would be taken. The citizens present were astounded during this harangue since quite a few people present were customers of the business. Most were sympathetic since businesses on Janesville Rd. have disappeared, not return due to the road widening. For this reason a fair decision to continue this well-known neighborhood meeting and eating place is much more important. Ms. Bolton should rethink her tirade and apologize to the elderly owner for trying to prevent his fine business from continuing. I hipe she was not speaking for the MEG group as I am sure some are customers also. Who is next for the self-appointed Carrie Nation prohibitionist and her group. Who else will fall under her “not on my lake ax? High Tide? Mathers Lanes? To be continued………………


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