Public Works Tackles Tess Corners Path, Again

Public Works Committee will revisit a plan many felt had been approved, as citizen outcry over the placement and size of a recreational path has brought the Tess Corners road project back to the drawing board

After residents came out to oppose the recreation path planned for the Tess Corners Drive project, alternatives will be explored at Wednesday night's Public Works Committee meeting.

The committee will meet at a special date and time from its normal schedule to help expedite the process in order to avoid a delay in constructing the road, which was at 90 percent in the design phase and scheduled to begin in late May or June 2012 before opponents requested it be nixed from the plans. included what options could delay the project until next year.

One option is to narrow the path to six feet, which would not address the majority of concerns over tree loss in front of homes. Another suggestion was to reroute the path entirely to place it behind the fire station on Tess Corners. The third option, placing an onroad biking and pedestrian lane, may save a majority of the trees, but has others concerned for safety as it would place the path even closer to traffic on a busy road.

The last option also would be the most expensive, as subsoil issues in the road have required deeper digging by crews and would extend the area they would need to work on along the entire route. It also is likely that this option will push construction into 2013.

The meeting will be held at at 6 p.m. in the Alderman's Room.

Birdwatcher May 02, 2012 at 03:42 PM
Enough with the trails! Save the trees!!
Brandon Karpowitz May 02, 2012 at 04:21 PM
I'm not quite sure why this bike path needs to exist via this route. Did I miss the part where that Tess Corners/Janesville intersection became a destination? Are people walking to Salentines to get their oil changed? Why do people need to lose their property and their landscaping for something like this? It seems to be once again newer people to the community trying to force their desires onto the people who have lived here for years. It's always funny to me how everyone else is always suppossed to be the ones to give up things. I'm sure the people really for this path wouldn't want me riding my bike through their yards. And yes it does seem like once again the city tried to rush something through without letting the public know the details. That appears to be Muskego's MO on how to run things.
Denise Konkol May 02, 2012 at 04:34 PM
There was a public information session in December, and input was taken there. Residents were informed of this. The trail plan has also been a part of the design since 2009.
SBR May 02, 2012 at 07:17 PM
Brandon, first off IT'S NOT YOUR PROPERTY! It's mine, your neighbors and everyone else who lives in Muskego. The path will be in the right of way, not on your property. Next, it's nice that you wait until the city has spent thousands in engineering fees before your complain. There were numerous public meetings and chances to bring your concerns before the city spent any money designing this. But you wait til they are just about to break ground? Finally, yes the corner of Janesville and Tess corners IS a destination. For no other reason of St. Paul's school being right there. Don't forget the seniors who live in Stoney Creek! Stop your "not my neighborhood" whining - you live on a busy road. Not get off my lawn!
Muskego Mike May 02, 2012 at 09:02 PM
Janesville Road to Kohl's, Ace, Walmart, Dairy Queen, Jetz, etc is clearly a destination. Tess Corners drive is a very busy road that should be built to the standard of the other Major roads in Muskego. Your key point is "Why do people need to lose their property and their landscaping for something like this? " - The property belongs to the city and the city should decide how best to use it. If you live on a busy road in Muskego, you can count on a bike path eventually being a part of that road. Welcome to Muskego.


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