Roads Roundup: Pioneer, Janesville Near Paving; Tess Corners Utilities Completed

Progress will be marked in pavement for Pioneer Drive and concrete along Janesville Road; Tess Corners has completed utilities and will be ready to reconstruct

Dave Simpson, Director of Public Works recapped the status of the various road projects in the city. He reported that the Woods Road trail was being completed this week, as the last of the reconstruction work to the landscape was underway.

That leaves the other three major zones in the city, which are also nearing their own milestones:

Janesville Road - on schedule, with curbs being laid as early as the end of this week. Median monument work is also underway, and Simpson said overall the project has gone smoothly. Paving and road striping are still weeks away, but it's expected that the 1st phase will be done at the end of October. Additional plantings on the eastern half will likely wait until next year, Simpson said, to ensure their success.

Pioneer Drive - sidewalks are installed and are "about 90 percent complete," according to Simpson; curbs are also installed and are at 80 percent complete. All overhead utilities have been buried, and while the first lift of asphalt could come in the next couple of weeks, the road is not slated to be reopened until the end of October.

Tess Corners Drive - utilities work had put the schedule behind, but is now completed, and crews will begin reconstructing the roadway starting this Wednesday. Initially one crew will start at the Woods Road end of the stretch of road, with a second crew being added to help expedite the work. A mid-November end date is expected for that project.


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