Snow's In the Forecast for Muskego, And So Are Winter Ordinances

Parking and plowing reminders take effect today through April 1st

It probably won't require shoveling or plowing, but there is snow in the forecast tonight, and Muskego winter restrictions, which prohibit the parking of any vehicle on any public street or highway between the hours of 3:00 AM and 7:00 AM begin today. These parking restriction will contine through April 1, unless temporary parking is authorized by the police department.

The fine for parking in violation of this ordinance is $38.00 for automobiles and
$53.00 for trucks. Trucks are prohibited from overnight street parking throughout the entire year.

In addition, when snow totals do require firing up the snow blower, ordinance 452 outlines a few limits on where you can send those flakes. The ordinance states, "no person shall plow snow on his driveway or sidewalk or road in such a way as to interfere with his neighbor’s customary use and enjoyment of his property. In addition, no person shall put snow by any means onto any public street, roadway, or thoroughfare."

During normal snowfalls, city streets will be plowed within three hours of the start of the snow plowing operation. On days of extreme snowfalls, residents are encouraged to be patient, as city workers will do their best to plow roads as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In cases where residents feel their mailbox has been damaged due to the snow plowing operation, they may contact the City of Muskego Public Works Department at 679-4128. Only mailboxes and posts damaged by direct contact with the plow will be repaired or replaced. Damage caused by snow coming off plows will not be repaired. If there is evidence of damage by a plow, the City will
repair or replace the mailbox with a standard mailbox. Custom mailboxes and posts will also be replaced with standard mailboxes and posts.

Residents having decorative stone located on the road right-of-ways in front of their properties are also requested to move the stone off of the right-of-way onto their properties. This will help to insure a safe and efficient snow plowing operation this winter season.


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