Tess Corners Lighting Not Likely to be Part of Construction Budget

In a recap of CDA's meeting, Muskego's eastern 'entrance' may not see additional improvements as $118,000 price tag puts off projects for a later date; DJ's land will be recommended for rezoning to allow business to rebuild.

Earlier discussion about Janesville Road streetscaping had some wondering if there was an opportunity to include additional lighting at Muskego's far eastern gateway on Janesville, between College Avenue and into the Tess Corners area.

Presently there are no street lights in that stretch of roadway, and Alderman Rob Wolfe had asked city planner Jeff Muenkel to look into what the cost would be to add those fixtures into the streetscaping plan. The Janesville Road project does not include that portion of roadway, but it was thought that there could be some efficiencies in adding the same lights.

The plans for streetscaping the area to match the rest of Janesville Road currently are budgeted at $72,500, which Muenkel said they would meet, but the additional lights (about 6 of them) would incur $79,000 in costs. Requests for additional crosswalks along a stretch from Moorland Road to College Avenue would also tack on $40,000 to costs.

Seeing the increase as more than could be absorbed by the Janesville Road funding, the Community Development Authority (CDA) agreed it would send the information to the Common Council for consideration in future budgeting but would not specifically recommend spending within the road project.

Also discussed at the CDA's Tuesday night meeting was an approval for Dan Hewitt, the owner of , to rezone his property to allow for future building. Although a business has operated there in one form or another for 90 years, the land is still zoned as residential lake property.

Upcoming road construction will mean Waukesha County will take the building, and Hewitt is hoping to rebuild the pub further back on the property. The CDA agreed that as his business was being razed, the rezoning was the right thing to do to allow him to rebuild.


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