Vandalism Reported at Boat Launches, Parks

Pay boxes the target at launches, and damage caused by a vehicle on turf in park are reported by parks and recreation.

Parks Director Craig Anderson reported that the lid at the pay box at Idle Isle was torn off during the week of May 1. This incident was noted on the same weekend as an incident at the Durham Boat launch, where a  ranger found the box unsecured and the lock but it was missing. It has since been replaced. 

In addition, damage to the turf caused by someone driving in the outfield and upper portion of the soccer field at Denoon Park was reported and most likely happened during the two weeks of rain in late April.

A landscaper rolled the area while it was still wet and grass has now come in.  The parks staff used the department’s equipment on the ruts in the soccer field, which is hardly visible now.

Patch had also reported earlier in the week of racist graffiti at the Moorland Skate Park, which has since been painted over.  No suspects have been named to date.


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