VIDEO: Wisconsin GOP Delegates Hone In on Key Issues

Republican delegates attending the party's national convention in Tampa this week share their views on what issues matter most in the presidential race.

What are the top issues in the presidential race and what should Republican candidate Mitt Romney focus on as he takes on President Barack Obama this fall?

Four of the delegates from southeastern Wisconsin who are representing the Badger State at the Republican National Convention talk about matters most to them this campaign season.

Bernard Forand August 29, 2012 at 02:17 AM
@ Jay Sykes also commented on VIDEO: Wisconsin GOP Delegates Hone In on Key Issues. "Lots of 'contributors', from both government and the private sector, to the housing crisis. While legislation does get 'tweaked' along the way, the main core philosophical changes President that approved them: LBJ removing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac . Carter, the Community reinvestment Act. Clinton and the elimination of Glass-Steagall Act." Bernie replies; Bush administration with their laissez-faire ideology was the prime reason for Housing collapse. Same ideology of the Coolidge and Hoover era. Republicans had not learned from their past errors. Many of the impetuous reckless policies of just 3 generations before. Bush fostered excessive polices of leverage on Wall Street; subprime lending in tandem with easy credit is what led to the housing bubble. Predatory lending through mortgage brokers who had no rules, transparent or oversight to govern them. Deregulation of the financial markets at a level unseen since the great depression. Financial innovation that increased volatility. BOOM and collapse of the banking system due to a credit crunch that was unprecedented. Final straw with excessive speculation in oil, gas, real estate and hedge funds. Your assertions that we had a housing problem before that is not accurate. Yes there were inflationary and recessions that affected the housing but all within tolerable perimeters. Page 1 continued
Bernard Forand August 29, 2012 at 02:19 AM
Page 2 continued Steagall Act was a reduction in banking government banking regulation. Laws on books if enforced could have prevented the collapse. Government hands off was the motto of the republicans. Ignoring abuses and micro collapses being illuminated around them. It can be argued that total control of the government was for six years was in the hands of the republicans that could have taken action to remedy the failures as they arose. They did not! Contrary; Paulson Secretary of the Treasury, opened a derivative fund by bundling up toxic mortgages and sold them through Goldman Sach, his X employment as CEO, as a winning bet and on the backside was shorting the bets as they came pouring in. Conflict of interest? Nah not on Wall Street, busyness as usual, under regulations that were being ignored. Obama passed the Volker rule to reign in the banks under the regulations to enforce banks from proceeding their reckless investments. Frank Dodd produced a formula as to what reckless investments were to plausible sound investments. Republicans strenuously opposed! Obama’s regulations on derivative trading was attacked by the republicans with $350 Million to lobbyist to derail it. May 2010 it was finally passed. Republicans refuse to allow funds for its operation. Presently the republicans are once again advocating a return to the laissez-faire, government hands off policies. Benefiting the wealthy few and imperiling of the many.
Rees Roberts August 29, 2012 at 03:12 AM
Bernie Have you read the comments of people here? Not about your politics but the simple content of your posts. 1. You do not have to repeat what others say prior to what you say. 2. You don't have to be so dang wordy to get your point across. 3. Make paragraphs more apparent by adding additional "return keys" You are losing people and not gaining traction because of these 3 items. The main thing is to make shorter and more focused points. Cheers
Hershal Webster August 29, 2012 at 03:28 AM
I like pie.
GearHead August 29, 2012 at 03:17 PM
You left out a fact or two, Rees, but who's counting? Bushs' highest budget deficit was about 400B. I decried that at the time. A big part of it was adding prescription drug coverage to Medicare, something he never got any credit for. But it isn't the job of taxpayers to pay for old folks meds. Obama's first deficit was something like 1.3T and it has gotten worse every year. Over 6T of added debt since coming into office. Totally unsustainable. Mostly because the baseline got raised with the stimulus spending failure. Not to mention the failure of the President and Senate to get real about a budget. Based on my above post, the facts are indisputable. You have your eyes wide shut. Put Obama back in for another four years and watch what used to be your country evaporate before your own eyes.


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