Week in Review: July 7 - July 13

A fatal accident claims a Muskego man's life, and businesses take a step forward in expanding and rebuilding.

July 7 - The weekend began on a tragic note, as resident Robert Gunderson was killed while riding his bike on Woods Road.

July 9- We took a tour of Muskego's newest park, which will open in fall with archery:

The dry weather took on more serious terms -

July 10 - plan commission and council members approved a change to the comprehensive plan to take out the specific mentions of lake properties, but said development is always going to be possible:

However, despite a thumbs up at plan commission for a local business to rezone,, the measure hit a roadblock at common council:

Big Muskego fish are officially in big trouble after a heat wave:

Expansions to existing businesses and a new face in the mall next to Piggly Wiggly has us wondering if a recovery has come to Muskego...

July 12:

We received more information that began the weekend, as Muskego Police released their report on the July 7 accident that killed a bicyclist.


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