Week in Review: June 16 - June 22

We began the week hot, and ended on a frosty note; here's what folks were talking about in the past week.

If it felt like a long hot week, it was: temps in the 90s for much of it, and a lot more news than first thought happened. Let's catch up!

June 18

We recapped the Parks meeting, and included the list of items on the parks' maintenance list:

Developments in the case against a Waukesha man accused of sexually assaulting a Muskego teen could keep the man in prison for the rest of his life:

June 19

The hirings at Muskego-Norway continue, as internal promotions keep the school board busy:

June 20

The dry weather is starting to impact burning ordinances, but not in Muskego....yet:

A man had eluded US Marshals in connection with a strong-arm robbery at Denoon Park in Muskego last year, but not for long:

The CDA presented what a new redevelopment district at the city's northern 'gateway' would mean for residents:

June 21

"The tree farm" was in the news again, with developments in the case that put things in Art Dyer's favor:

The Muskego CDA met this week, and discussed what would and wouldn't be included in the Janesville Road streetscaping budget for Tess Corners:

June 22


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