Walmart Opposition Group To Focus On Pressuring Board

Vowing to petition, pressure the board, and even front their own candidates -- local residents adamant about blocking Walmart from building a 24-hour store on the corner of Four Mile and North Green Bay road.

Walmart isn’t wanted in Caledonia by a number of residents in the Village and they met Tuesday to organize opposition to a store that has yet to be formally proposed.

About 50 people attended the anti-Walmart meeting on Tuesday at the Roundabout Bar and Grill where they discussed everything from circulating petitions, writing letters to elected officials and even fronting candidates for village board positions.

The retailer has only presented a concept plan and has not submitted formal plans to the village board. Meanwhile, the anti-Walmart group has gathered research on everything from how many stores Walmart has abandoned to local market studies.

In September, Walmart announced that it would like to build a 24-hour general merchandise store on the southeast corner of Four Mile and North Green Bay road. Company officials say the store will create 300 jobs, most of which are expected to be full-time.

Katie and Jim Tiderman, who live near the potential site, organized the group.

"I, as a community member, have no obligation to Walmart, I have an obligation to my community, which I love. It didn’t logically make sense to me... This location, it seemed so inappropriate," Katie said. "If they need jobs in Racine, they should build this in Racine."

One of the biggest obstacles that would need to be overcome is the 40 percent open space requirement the village has. However, Fran Martin, past president of the Caledonia Conservancy, told the group that the legislative and licensing committee is looking at changing that requirement.

"I suggest that you have people go to that meeting," she said. "...I also suggest that you have someone sympathetic to your cause think about running for the Village Board."

Katie explained that they already have petitions in a number of local businesses, including Ayra's gas station, Danny's Meats, Arbee’s Liquor and Nelson's Variety store.

The group plans to start attending as many meetings as possible.

"You can go to the plan commission tomorrow night and speak," Katie said. "We need to make our feelings known."

JW December 02, 2012 at 06:40 PM
San, I think EVERYONE gets WHY you point out the NON-CALEDONIA RESIDENT... I just wanted to point out what I do not think you get... that it just makes you look bad to constantly do that. When it comes down to policies and changes to policies, I think the votes of all (or the majority at least) of the citizens of Caledonia should be the ones behind what happens. ALL being able to vote... not just the sign holders who squeal the loudest... or at least give their opinion in a manner beyond just some public meetings that are really hard to gauge and excludes the majority of the population. Anyway, when it comes to discussions and viewpoints and insight, I think EVERYONE's opinion matters equally... Hoffa's viewpoints counter yours, San, regardless of whether he lives here or not.
San December 02, 2012 at 06:47 PM
JW, i am glad you recognize why i pointed this out. Hoffa's comments were not fully understood as being those of someone who, while entitled to an opinion of course, is not going to share the potential negative consequences of the results of his opinion in this community. because he made numerous extreme suggestions, i replied to them in sequence with the "disclaimer" so that people would recognize that his suggestions and comments were based on not having to potentially pay the higher taxes resulting from big box, nor face the consequences of non-conforming uses in an area, or the quality of life deterioration issues for our community. If non-residents want to comment, and make suggestions that could seriously erode quality of life and increase costs for those who are residents, it should be clearly known and recognized and not simply inserted as someone who is involved with consequences. If Hoffa chose to insert himself into the discussion, he should have made it clear that he was not a caledonia resident in a very visible way with his own disclaimers. with all due respect, his failure to do that is the only reason i took steps to make sure each of his extreme positions was "notated" properly. A suggestion must be understood in "context". it is really easy to throw around extreme ideas when you have no risk and no cost...it is another matter for those who have to PAY for the impact of those suggestions.
ms December 02, 2012 at 10:34 PM
31 and 4 mile will never be developed. Just look at the land owners to the west and northwest. Never happen.
patchreader 123 December 03, 2012 at 05:06 AM
For every quarter since 2008, Walmart leads the state in BadgerCare enrollment......more than 9000 eligible participants. Our tax dollars subsidize Walmart’s profits. http://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/badgercareplus/enrollmentdata/enrolldata.htm How does this happen? By manipulating employee hours and wages to make them ineligible for Walmart healthcare benefits. BREAKING NEWS.....now in view of Obamacare, I’m guessing that the BadgerCare enrollment numbers relating to Walmart will now increase. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/01/walmart-health-care-policy-medicaid-obamacare_n_2220152.html I’m further guessing that Walmart employees of any Caledonia store, should one indeed open, will not be treated any more fairly. How can any fiscal conservative support the pillaging of our tax dollars?
San December 03, 2012 at 10:38 AM
they also have the most employees on Food Stamps. Through manipulation of both wages paid and hours worked, they keep most of their line workers below the level they can feed, house and clothe a family. And as the largest employer in the USA, they force all the others to "compete" which means they set the "standard" for slave wages. Henry Ford understood that successful business requires paying a fair and decent wage to his employees and this has been forgotten by companies today, led by Walmart. While the Walton family (biggest owners of Walmart) collectively own as much wealth as 40% of the population of the entire country, they begrude their workers enough income to care for their families and they force the rest of us to pay taxes to cover the health care and food stamps needed to supplement the wages they pay. Over the last 40 years the gap between the richest 2-3% of people and the rest of us has been growing, and we are destroying the middle class which is the basis for long-term economic development in this country. Walmart, as the largest employer and the one that other retailers need to "compete" with, is one of the big factors in this long-term unhealthy change. This in addition to the other negatives in terms of local property tax costs versus revenues, and the quality of life issues, must be considered.


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