Bay Lane Earns $25,000 and the 'Sweetest School' Award from Box Tops

The fundraiser for schools awarded Bay Lane Middle School in Muskego $25,000 (or 250,000 Box Tops) for showing the most improvement; now just what to spend the money on?

If you've got kids or grandkids in school, you are likely aware that you shouldn't throw out a box of cereal, snacks or other products without first checking to see if there's a Box Tops for Education label on the item. After all, they're worth 10 cents a piece, and it can add up.

Just ask Bay Lane Middle School, which has done so well in increasing its collection of the labels that they were awarded the "Sweetest School in America" designation last week.

"We couldn't believe it when we heard the news last week!  It was quite a shock," said PTO President Shelly Cullen. It's not just a nice name, it comes with a 250,000 label bonus, which if you're keeping score, translates into $25,000.

"We have to thank our students and their families for helping us win this fantastic prize. Without them clipping and saving their Box Tops, we would have never won! Bay Lane families rock and help make Bay Lane a 'sweet' school," Cullen added.

Bay Lane won because they had the greatest percentage increase in the number of Box Tops for Education clips during the 2012-2013 school year. Cullen tipped her hat to Box Top chairs Lisa Mazurkiewicz and Amy Keller for helping achieve this goal. Both also have won a trip to the Box Top convention in Minneapolis in June.

Inevitably, the question is what to buy? After all, $25,000 can buy a lot of rulers, pens and chalk (if schools even use chalk anymore).

"As far as what we will spend the money on has yet to be determined. The fact that we just got word of our win last week we haven't had an opportunity to have conversations with school administration and our PTO members."


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