Had It With Ladders? Muskego Decorating Company Comes to the Rescue

Holiday Heroes was the brain child of two college students looking to make a few extra dollars, and is now a growing business looking to hire.

Scott Walecki probably should wear a cape for all of the energy and enthusiasm he seems to possess for his business, Holiday Heroes.

The small business involves Walecki and crew coming to homes and businesses to decorate their place for Christmas.  He said they provide their own lights, which he feels will better guarantee they stay lit throughout the season, and are open to pretty much anything a customer wants, unless it goes above the gutter.

"I won't do that to my guys - there's just too much liability with going on the roof, and to secure things might result in damage," he explained. "So we go up to the gutters and stay there."

Holiday Heroes was born about five years ago, when Walecki, a Muskego High School graduate, and a college buddy didn't have enough money for Christmas presents.  Decorating for hire was a natural for Walecki.

"Our family was pretty much like the Griswolds," he said.

The college students made $4,900 that first year, more than doubling the amount in the following year.

Now at the ripe age of 26, Walecki said, "It keeps growing, even with the economy being what it is."

The business has won bids from cities as well looking to dress up their downtowns for the Christmas season. Walecki said they've decorated major Milwaukee streets like Downer Avenue, Oakland Avenue and Whitefish Bay. 

The market tends to remain traditional, with the classic look, although Walecki said Holiday Heroes' version of 'candy caning' sets them apart.  They wrap tree trunks in red an white 'stripes' of lights to create the effect.

Holiday Heroes is now looking to expand, and said they could use additional help this year.  Walecki also sees the business expanding to Christmas tree and gift buying services to make them a true 'one stop shop' for all things Christmas.


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