MHS Graduation Rates Dip Slightly, But Stay Well Ahead of State Average

Decrease from 2009 is 1.6 percent, but leaves 'plenty of reason to celebrate' according to Muskego-Norway District

The State Department of Public Instruction (DPI) came out with its most recent data on graduation rates, and affirmed that while lower, Muskego's rate remained high, especially when compared to the state average.

Muskego high school students graduated at a rate of 93.3 percent in the past year versus 94 in the 2009-10 school year in the 4-year measurement. Legacy rates also dipped from 97.8 to 96.2 percent.   However, the higher numbers in light of the state averages were still encouraging to the district.

Muskego-Norway Superintendent Dr. Joe Schroeder said residents looking at the numbers should view the 4-year rate "as the state's effort to find a higher and more consistent measurement for districts across the state to use in this calculation by establishing the new rate to be the percentage of students who graduate from high school within four years."

"The legacy rate appoach typically included students who take more time - say, five years - to reach the same diploma goal," he explained.

In comparison, Wisconsin seniors graduated at a 4-year rate of 87 percent in 2009-10, which was up from the 2009-10 rate of 85.7. The legacy rates, which are expected to be a more consistent measurement going forward, also increased from 89.9 to 90.5 percent.

"One of our district's most impressive and consistent measures over time has been the very high graduation rate at Muskego High School," Schroeder said.  "In fact, most years we are a regional leader in this area.  Despite a slight dip this year, a very high rate of graduation continues as an area of strength for us and a reason for celebration across the community."

To view the DPI's data for all state districts, click here.


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