Muskego-Norway to Lose Superintendent

Dr. Joe Schroeder has been named as associate executive director of the Association of Wisconsin School Administrators, and will leave the district at the end of June.

The Association of Wisconsin School Administrators (AWSA) has named Dr. Joe Schroeder, Muskego-Norway School Superintendent, as its new associate executive director.

In a statement from the AWSA, its executive director, Jim Lynch said, "We couldn't have found a better person to lead our professional development programming. Dr. Schroeder's successful experience as a teacher, principal, director of instruction and superintendent will serve AWSA well as the association provides professional education and training to support school leaders in this time of great change."

Schroeder became superintendent with MNSD in 2007, and had served previously as a teacher or administrator in several other districts. He was honored as the Wisconsin Superintendent of the Yearin 2011 and prior to that was the recipient of the 2010 Forward Award by the AWSA.

"I am so grateful for the many opportunities I have been offered in Muskego-Norway," Schroeder said. "Though often set amid great challenge, my work here with others has been a labor of love, which has been enriched greatly by wonderful relationships and strong results for our combined efforts."

Schroeder will continue to serve as superintendent until June 30, 2012.

Terri Boyer January 10, 2012 at 09:12 PM
This is devastating for our District. Dr. Joe Schroeder has led this district in a very strong professional and down to earth way. If you called him, he called you back. He was never too busy to answer your questions or find out answers for you. He is honest and expects a lot from his employees which has taken our district to new levels. Levels that many never thought we could get to. I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Joe on the FST and had many many opportunities to have conversation with him about our facilities. He is irreplaceable. This is a very sad day for Muskego Norway, but I am very happy for his success and new endeavors. I didn’t think we could have him forever because of how amazing he is, but I did want to keep him here for at least the next 15 years or so! We will miss you so much Dr. Joe!
HFA January 10, 2012 at 09:44 PM
I met Dr. Schroeder when I was touring Mill Valley School in 2011; I was trying to decide whether to send my daughter to private or public school in Muskego. He was in a second grade classroom, sitting on the floor with a group of kids, helping them with a project. I was really impressed with his willingness to get down and work with the children, and it helped make my decision to send my children to public school in Muskego. When the last referendum didn't pass, I felt concern that he may consider other opportunities in communities that may be more willing to fund the improvement of school facilities. I hope that wasn't the main reason for his decision to leave us, but I certainly wouldn't blame him if it were. I am thankful for what he has done for our school system, and wish him well.
JL January 10, 2012 at 10:13 PM
I spoke to Mr. Schroeder on several occasions and he was always "willing" to listen. The school referendum does sound like a good reason to leave as if you try multiple times and people are not listening then whats the point. maybe he can give the new super some pointers so we can move Muskego forward in the future.
Matt January 10, 2012 at 10:13 PM
Growing up and going through the Muskego-Norway school district, I don't think I have ever met a more down to earth man. Even with my piercings and all black in high school he still took time to say hello. Now that I am older I see the great impact he had on this district and community and he will be greatly missed.
Shannon January 11, 2012 at 12:43 PM
He is such a wonderful man and as was said before is irreplaceable. I have only had contact with him on 3 or 4 occasions but every time he called me back immediately, was extremely caring and made sure everything was handled start to finish. When I saw that he was leaving muskego I got a knot in my stomach, it is going to be very hard to find someone like him who cares so much. Good luck to you Dr. Joe you will be missed.
Shelley C January 11, 2012 at 03:28 PM
A stellar man with integrity. A sad day for our district. I am sure this decision was not an easy one for Dr. Joe. I have had the honor of working with Dr. Joe and experienced first hand his impact on our district and community. Many blessings Dr. Joe and all our best.
Chris M. January 11, 2012 at 04:55 PM
To the residents of the Muskego-Norway School District who voted "No" in our last school referendum, shame on you. Your lack of vision is not only going to affect the school district, but your community as well. It's the year 2012 and we have multiple schools that were built in the early 1920's. Take some time to walk through Muskego Elementary, Mill Valley and Tess Corners. You'll see firsthand that they are rundown buildings that are past their life expectancies in electrical, HVAC and overall safety for our children. A prospective parent would laugh at our elementary schools and decide to build or move elsewhere. Open your eyes Muskego residents, neighboring districts are thankful for us; they're getting prospective parents to move to their communities instead. We support our local professional teams like they are GODS and give them money to build and renovate their stadiums, yet we can't support our children in our own community. I don't blame Joe for leaving. He's a visionary, child centered, and dynamic leader who has put our school district back on the map. We have one of the best school districts in the entire state/entire country in our own backyard, yet we don't support it. Good luck Joe in your new endeavor. For those of us who knew you and who were fortunate enough to work with you, thank you for all you’ve done in your short time here in Muskego.
Denise Konkol (Editor) January 11, 2012 at 07:41 PM
I don't think Joe Schroeder left because of the failed referenda, because that would make him a quitter. I have to echo the sentiments of so many others who used the words "integrity" and "down to earth" to describe him. I've mentioned before that he makes me smarter every time I talk to him, whether or not I necessarily agreed with the issue. A true class act, who hopefully will have some hand in selecting the next superintendent.
Art January 12, 2012 at 02:36 AM
When the board and administration refuse listen to the citizens and find a way to deal with facilities in a responsible manor, maybe some of them should move on. The board and administration could take some lessons from New Berlin to their north on how to deal with the elementary school issues they have. They have consolidated from 7 elementary schools in 2004 to 4 in 2012/2013 and cut administration in the central office and at the middle high school campuses to fund the debt service on $60MM in infrastructure enhancements within the existing budget. There are ways to do things other than "Just Raise Taxes".
Brett Hyde January 17, 2012 at 03:49 AM
Art, please do not draw the conclusion that the board and administration do not listen to the citizens. When Dr. Schroeder became the Superintendent, he talked with many people and groups to identify the needs of the district. The one thing that was on the top of everyone's list was the age of the facilities. We spent three years validating the entire process with an architectural study, community survey and the facilities study team. Each step validated the need for new schools. The process that Dr. Schroeder used was one of the reasons he was selected as the Superintendent of the Year by the Wisconsin Association of School Boards. We also have an public forum portion of each board meeting, where any citizen can comment on any subject. We can not interact until we reach that portion of the agenda (if it is on the agenda), but it gives everyone the opportunity to address the Superintendent and the board as a whole. We have been very lucky to have Dr. Schroeder at the helm for five years. I am told this often as I interact with board members from other districts. He has managed to set us on a course that will continue to promote student achievement. If I could only say one thing about Dr. Schroeder it would be that while we have several stakeholders in the district, children, parents and taxpayers, he knows we are in the business of education kids. In other words, he gets it.


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