Muskego School Achievement Report A Mixed Result

Plenty to celebrate, plenty to work on as results are reviewed.

Tammy Gibbons, Director of School Performance for the Muskego-Norway School District, gave a comprehensive presentation at the school board's meeting on Jan. 8 at . With progress being shown, other areas of challenge were also apparent for the board.

Some results of note in the 2011 Student Achievement Report:

  • The district has an adequate yearly placement (AYP), which is the percentage of students considered proficient or advanced, at 87 percent and 79 percent for reading and math, respectively. With the goal for both categories of 100 percent by 2014, schools will have their work cut out for them.
  • Grade 4 WKCE scores were 94 percent and 92 percent for reading and math, respectively. These numbers were far above the state's average of 83 and 79.3 percent, and placed the district 1st for reading and second for math scores in the Southeast Conference.
  • These same scores placed the district ninth in reading and twelfth in math out of 17 districts in the county, a decline for both categories from previous years.
  • While scores for Students with disabilities (74.2) in fourth grade was slightly above the county average of 73.2 in reading, math scores fell sharply below. MNSD scored 60 compared to the county average of 73.9.
  • Similar results were recorded for eighth grade WKCE scores. MNSD far outpaced the state average, but fell a little short for reading (94 percent) and math (88 percent)
  • High School (grade 10) WKCE results showed improvement, placing MHS sophomores above their counterparts at the state, conference and county levels. Reading scores of 89.6 percent and math scores of 90.6 percent were 14 to 20 points higher than the state average.

To view the complete presentation, click here. Supt. Dr. Joe Schroeder will also be posting documents on this topic as well on the district's Facebook page (just click 'like').


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