New "Parent Portal" Allows Muskego-Norway Parents to Register Students Online

Portal will streamline process and eliminate paper costs

Parents will be able to register their children online through a new “parent portal” in the Muskego-Norway school district, starting this summer, according to a new initiative announced Monday.

According to Bob Boyd, director of technology for the district, parents previously had to fill out separate packets of information for each child.

“Now parents will be able to complete registration from the convenience of their homes or at any computer with access to the internet,” Boyd said in a press release. The new process should help save paper costs for the district, he said.

He also informed the Muskego-Norway School Board of the new process at its Monday night meeting.

Only students already enrolled in the district can use the online registration, however. Parents with new students in the district should contact the Educational Services Center at 262-971-1800 for enrollment information.

Boyd also provided the following information:

  • Parents will be notified by the school when registration begins. They will be able to log into the “Infinite Campus Parent Portal” and click on the link under “District messages.”  “The district website will also be updated with the start dates for registration for each building in early August,” the press release said.
  • Additional help with online registration is available at www.muskegonorway.org by clicking on “Parent Links.” Resources include detailed steps for completing registration.

Boyd provided the following information to assist parents:

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Registration

Q:  I have multiple children at different schools.  Will I have to log-in separately for each child? 
A:  No.  You should be able to see all of your children in one location.  If you don’t see all of your children, please contact the Educational Services Center at 262-971-1800. 

Q:  If my child has parents that live at two different addresses, who will be able to register the child?   
A:  The link to register your child will be available to all parents who have custody rights to the child.  Whichever parent begins the registration process first will have access to online registration.  Both parents cannot register the child.  Just as with paper registration, we ask that parents living in two separate households coordinate to determine who will use the online registration system to register the child for school.   

Q:  Will I be able to register my child for classes in high school and middle school?
A:  No.  Class registration is separate from online registration.  Online registration will update your address, emergency contact information, etc.    

Q:  If I start the application and then get interrupted, will I be able to stop and continue later?
A:  Yes.  You will be able to save your incomplete registration and return to it at a later date.     

Q:  If I don’t have computer access at home, how can I register my child?
A:  You can use any computer with internet access, but you will need an email address.  Your school has a computer kiosk for parents to use and may offer open computer labs.  Please check with your child’s school for open computer lab times or workshop times.  Public computers are also available for parents to use at the Muskego Public Library 

Q:  If I don’t know how to use a computer, will someone be able to help me?
A:  Yes.  At each school’s regularly scheduled form and fee day we will have computers and staff available to assist parents with this process.  

Q:  Has form and fee day been eliminated?
A:  No, although online registration will be in place this August, each school will still host a day for fee payments, bus information, online registration assistance, etc. 

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