Privileged Class: Tess Corners Principal Feels She's Where She Wants to Be

After 8 years in the classroom in Muskego, Kris Kuenstler moves across the hall to the principal's office saying it's a privilege to serve a whole school in a district she loves

It's obvious the question, 'why do you want to be a principal in Muskego-Norway' was an easy one for Tess Corner's Elementary's new leader to answer.

Kris Kuenstler told Muskego Patch that her new role in the district where she has taught 1st grade for about eight years is a great next step.

"I have loved teaching, and I've loved being a 1st grade teacher. I feel like I am just expanding the passion to more than a classroom. I am privileged to share it with other teachers, and share it with a whole school," she said.

Reiterating what many have said about Muskego-Norway, Kuenstler pointed to the district's mission and focus of every student learning, growing and succeeding as part of its best practices. Coming into the district with experience elsewhere (she also worked in Milwaukee, Menasha and the Whitnall School districts), she has a good basis for comparison.

"This district is where I want to be - it truly is the district of choice. From the parents, to the students and staff, it's just a great place to work," Kuenstler said.

Feeling that the school is already in a good position, she hoped to take the success they've had to build on the future.

"We're doing such good things here already, it's more about taking that next step up. It's less of a challenge than it is about achieving and continuing our mission," Kuenstler said.


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