Student Offers a French Perspective on Muskego

AFS student is welcomed for the year at Muskego High School

Thomas Lescoute, a student from the southern part of France, was introduced Monday to the Muskego-Norway School Board and gave a brief impression so far of this corner of the world.

"I thought homecoming week was awesome, we don't have anything like that at our high schools in France," he said. Lescoute is staying with Jeff and Lisa Voisin and their family as he attends school for the year as an AFS student.

Lescoute found the US to be "a great country with really nice people" and he looked forward to sharing family traditions with the Voisins during his stay. While he could continue to enjoy his passion for skateboarding at the skateboard park in Muskego, board members joked that his love for surfing may have to wait until he returns to France next year.

Coming from a country known for its love of gourmet cooking, Lescoute was asked about the culinary fare here.

"I think you mix foods together in interesting ways. We are a little simpler in how we make things," he said.

And being a typical teenager, Lescoute told the board when asked his favorite food, "hot dogs" was the answer.


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