Muskego Senior Taxi Gets City Support

Taxi service for the elderly and disabled has been growing since 2008, but needs financial support to keep rolling, and officials look to 2013 to plan better for such requests.

Since it began as a product of the Mayor's Senior Focus Group in 2008, has provided more than 16,000 rides for elderly and disabled residents in the city.

However, the popularity of the low-cost service hasn't brought it self-sustaining revenue, and its board members returned to the finance committee Tuesday to secure $5,000 in funds to help make ends meet this year.

While the committee approved the request, Alderman Dan Soltysiak asked that future budgeting be in place to address all requests similar to Senior Taxi.

"This is a worthy thing, but we need to have this budgeted going forward. Maybe we start a pool of funds for this and all community groups like it," he said.

The group said it was fundraising to meet its $80,000 yearly budget, but fell short, prompting the request to the city. Soltysiak said that setting up a specific line item for such needs will help the city monitor its spending while ensuring there are funds to help out community groups. With the yearly budgeting process coming in August, the matter will be part of council discussion.

Senior Taxi also receives support from other community groups like the Muskego Woman's Club and local businesses to meet its expenses. Its volunteer drivers provide about 400 rides each month to area residents to get them to doctor's appointments, work, shopping and other appointments.


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