Photo Gallery: Easter Tradition Continues

Lion's Club brings a welcome slice of community at its annual Easter Egg hunt, now in its 48th year.

"Go to the middle, because everyone looks for the candy right in front of them," said one wise 9-year-old girl.

Another said the best strategy for collecting eggs was to come prepared: bring a big basket.

Framed by near-perfect weather under a clear sky, the tots took to the lawn and woods by on Saturday to hunt for the not-so-elusive Easter eggs that were strewn about by volunteers with the Muskego Lion's Club.

Lion Rob Kurudza said the event, which the club considers a service project, is completely dependent on the weather and he was grateful for the sunshine. An estimated 300 bags of candy were used to fill the baskets of hundreds of children, age 2 to 10.

Along with the noontime hunt, the crowd could grab a bite to eat and take part in basket and bike raffles. The event was the club's 48th annual hunt.


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